Common Requests

I have put the following information together to address 98% of the queries I receive. This is not a 24/7/365 service and it is managed by one volunteer so please look to see if your query is referenced here or whether I will need more information from you to process it.

The guidelines relate to incoming contact via the Delvin Village Website and the official social media channels – Delvin Westmeath on Facebook, and Delvin Westmeath on Instagram. I do not manage any other profiles and I am not responsible for the content shared on third-party sites or profiles. I have not authorised any third parties to speak or act on my behalf.

Please click a heading to view information relevant to your enquiry type:


I charge €50 a year to advertise a business on the Delvin Village Website. Only businesses that have paid their sponsorship fee will be promoted on the Delvin Westmeath Facebook Page.

If you would like to add your business and help keep this site online, please click here.

Business & Community Enquiries

This website includes a directory of local businesses that sponsor it. Please check the directory to see if the business/service you require is listed and if it is – please address your query directly to them using the contact information on their profile.

If a business/service is not listed, I will not seek out their details for you or invite social media users to make recommendations. This website costs money to run and people offering the services you are seeking should be paying the modest amount I ask for to include their details in the directory!

The website also includes listings of community organisations and other useful contacts. Please check to see if what you need is listed on the site as you will get your answer much faster than you would if you contact me.

Crime/Antisocial Behaviour

If you have seen something that needs to be challenged or corrected, please take ownership and report what YOU have seen directly to the relevant authority. I will share certain information (within reason) at my discretion but please ensure you report any suspicious, anti-social or other unpleasant incidents to the appropriate authorities AND confirm in your message that you have done this.

  • Animal Abuse – report it here.
  • Antisocial Behaviour/Crime – call 086 858 3049 (local patrol). In an emergency, call 999.
  • Dog Fouling – report it here.
  • Fly Tipping – report it here.
  • Littering – report it here.
  • Water Pollution – report it here.

I will not report these matters on your behalf but I reserve the right to disclose certain information to relevant authorities if I am approached.

Family Tracing

Other than posting an appeal on your behalf, I cannot assist with family tracing/genealogy enquiries. If asking me to post, please include some background information and a contact email or phone number for publication. Your enquiry will not be processed or acknowledged without that basic information.

Local Events

It is up to local community groups and event organisers to share their news and information with me. I have made it as easy as possible to get in touch, so after 13 years there is no excuse for them not using this service! There are restrictions on the promotion of corporate events, but generally, if I am aware of a community event, I will share details if they are shared with me. Event details and other content can be submitted here.

Lost / Found Pets

Regular users will know that the Facebook Page often carries details of missing or found pets. While I will allow this to continue (for now), some controls are unfortunately needed and these will be STRICTLY enforced from now on.

  1. PLEASE PROVIDE ADEQUATE INFORMATION. All lost / found pet reports MUST include a photo and state the general area the pet is missing from or was found in. If there is more than one animal in a photo and it may not be immediately clear which one is missing, please clarify which one you are looking for.
  2. PLEASE INCLUDE A CONTACT METHOD. A contact number MUST be included for publication. Alternatively, if you have posted details on your private profile, make the post public and I can share that. I will not act as a messenger service between parties.
  3. USE YOUR JUDGEMENT. If you have found a pet and you believe that it is unwell or that it may have been abused, please contact a vet or a pet rescue service instead. They can ask me to share details when they are happy that is all well with the animal. In addition, if you believe a pet is being mistreated in general, please contact the appropriate authority direct.
  4. SHOW RESPECT. If you see a post about a lost or found pet and cannot shed light on the identity of the owner or the pet’s whereabouts, then please share the post without comment and then move along. Do not speculate about the animal’s welfare or the standard of care or security as you do not know the circumstances.
  5. I DO NOT HAVE THE ANIMAL. I know you mean well, but please do not message me asking me to check for markings etc. I do not have the pet. I will NOT act as intermediary – please use the contact method on the page to contact the owner / finder direct with ALL enquiries and advice. I will NOT acknowledge or process these messages.
  6. DO NOT SEND PHOTOS OF DEAD ANIMALS. Do not send me photos of dead animals on the road and ask me to check whether they are of the missing pet. Furthermore, do not send me images or videos of animals being abused either. And yes, both of these things have happened.
  7. I HAVE SHARED ALL THE INFORMATION PROVIDED TO ME. Please DO NOT message me asking for updates. I am a volunteer and I am sorry, but I do not have the time to follow up on missing pets. If the owner shares an update with me, I will post it on the appropriate channel. I will not even acknowledge these queries in future.

Small Ads

I am happy to post small ads but I do have a set format for them and a public contact MUST be provided on all adverts.

Adverts submitted via the Facebook Page will NOT be processed.

I do not allow posts requiring users to “comment below”. Some people do not wish to publicly identify themselves in comments – I understand that. This can however mean that a legitimate post receives no responses at all and I do not have the time to pass messages on.

Click here to view current notices or to add your own.

Water & Power Supply Issues

If I am aware of an issue, I will post details on the Delvin Westmeath Facebook Page. If there is nothing there, it means that I have no information to share or I am not yet aware of an issue. I do not monitor messages 24/7. You can lookup service updates yourself as per the details below:


  • Check for known supply issues here.
  • Report a new supply issue by calling 1800 372 999. Please quote your 11 digit MPRN (on your bill) when calling. 


  • Check for known supply issues here.
  • Report a new supply issue by calling 1800 278 278

Please remember too that I am not employed by Westmeath County Council, ESB, or Irish Water so there is no point complaining to me if water or power supplies drop without notice.