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The Delvin Village Website was launched on the 4th September 2009 and now welcomes thousands of local and international visitors every month. 

The website includes features, event listings, bulletins and business profiles, and with the added power of social media, it is a powerful and effective platform to get information out quickly to a large and receptive audience. 

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Local Features

Funding Allocation From Westmeath Community Development

Delvin Community Action Plan committee (DCAP) is pleased to announce that we have been allocated funding by Westmeath Community Development Ltd (WCD) under the Social Inclusion and Community Development Activation Project 2018-2022 (SICAP). The amount of funds allocated is €1500.00 to be dispersed as follows. Read More...

No St Patrick’s Parade In 2019?

This was the stark realisation following the reconvened AGM where only one new person attended the meeting and the outgoing committee was dissolved. An EGM (extraordinary general meeting) will take place on Thursday 22nd November at 9:15pm in St Patrick’s Hall and this will be one last opportunity for members of the community to attend and form a new committee. Read More...

Christmas Guide Coming Soon

Work has begun on preparing this year's Delvin Christmas Guide. The guide structure will be published on the website within the coming week and items will be added as and when received. As in previous years, my intention is to include as much information about local events and shopping opportunities as possible. Read More...

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Business News

Advertising On The Delvin Website

The Delvin Website will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2019. Since its inception, the site has not received a cent of public funding. Instead, site costs are funded by local advertising and the site is managed on a voluntary basis. Read More...

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8 hours ago

Delvin Westmeath

Message received:

“this fella was on the Collinstown rd near stoneyford. “

UPDATE: finder is now in contact with Mullingar Dog Shelter.
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Message received:

“this fella was on the Collinstown rd near stoneyford. “

UPDATE: finder is now in contact with Mullingar Dog Shelter.


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Maeve do you recognise

No..but will share. Does anyone know where he is now?

Can admin please ask the finder to message me

Ramona Cunningham do you recognise this lad

I don't Maeve O Donoghue Caroline Walsh not to far from you have you seen him before

Nicola Brennan Douglas do you know this guy?

No Maeve O Donoghue I don't ... will forward it tho

Delvin you can have him scanned for a chip at any vets or maxi zoo Please be sure to insist on proof of ownership from anyone claiming him please especially this breed

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10 hours ago

Delvin Westmeath

Can anyone help?

“Lift required from Battstown (near Fenor crossroads) at 8am to Loreto Mullingar and collection from Loreto at 4pm (Mon-Thurs) and 1:15pm on Fri back to Battstown. They are senior students, two girls 5th and 6th year. My phone number is 087 393 7909.”
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Thanks for your help. Also feel free to DM me.


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Frances Gargan

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November 19, 2018 at 5:20pm
It’s #InternationalMensDay Check your balls for lumps, mind your mental health, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, you have intrinsic value.
November 19, 2018 at 1:38pm
Butterfly Cottage in Hiskinstown is a retreat for the mind and body.

***CHRISTMAS SPECIAL*** Purchase a €60 voucher for just €50!

Your voucher can be redeemed against classes, treatments, day events, workshops or training.

https://t.co/m1CVQZ1r56 https://t.co/SsSwBBIjBs
DelvinVillage photo
November 19, 2018 at 11:12am
📱Ask relatives and neighbours for help if you need it, and keep their numbers to hand.

‼️Consider wearing a personal alarm so that family or neighbours are alerted if you fall.

📞If you have older relatives or neighbours, check in on them and offer to help in severe weather. https://t.co/cjG8t7tJNY
DelvinVillage photo
November 19, 2018 at 11:12am
In winter it can be difficult for older people to get about and conduct day to day activities. Be #WinterReady and

💊Make sure you have enough food, fuel, and medicine.

👞Avoid unnecessary travel, especially when conditions are icy. https://t.co/9mlYUIbjib
DelvinVillage photo
November 19, 2018 at 7:36am
12 men die on average a day from suicide. @ryanramgobin explains why International Men's Day is important in tackling this issue #InternationalMensDay https://t.co/6i3Zv20Xxg https://t.co/OdjrEhZkTB