Privacy Policy

As with all on-line services, we are obliged to inform you about how this website (“") collects and processes your information while using it.

Information Collected

The following types of information are collected through this website:

a. Cookies

  • A cookie is a small file that is automatically stored on your computer when you visit this or any other website. It records some basic information about your location and browser preferences so that key pages will load faster should you wish to review them later. This information does not include any of your personal information.
  • When you visit this website, you will be prompted to acknowledge that cookies are in use. This is for information purposes and will not impact on your user experience either way. You can of course delete cookie information held in your browser at any time.
  • If you want to learn more about cookies, please visit
  • Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve personised adverts via this website, based on your earlier visits to this and to other sites on the Internet. You can opt out of some third-party vendors’ uses of cookies for personalised advertising by visiting

b. IP Addresses

  • Just like your postal address allows people to send you letters, an IP address allows one computer (or other digital device) to communicate with another via the Internet.
  • To ensure the website remains secure, your IP address will automatically be checked against a list of "bad" addresses before you can access it. This process takes less than a second and your information is not revealed to the site administrator.
  • For security purposes, your IP address will be captured when you complete a contact form on this website.

c. Contact Forms

  • This website includes a number of contact forms to cover various functions. The information you provide is voluntary but in order for your message to be sent, you will normally need to provide a valid email address. On submission of your enquiry, it will be forwarded to the site administrator who will then deal with your query and issue an appropriate response if necessary. All emails are deleted when the communication has been dealt with and no information is retained.
  • Should you register as a site sponsor (advertiser), your information will be recorded on an internal accounts system for the purposes of invoicing and fulfilling legal obligations and your email address will be added to the mailing list.

d. Mailing List

  • You may choose to opt in to a mailing list to receive periodic newsletters and other information to a nominated email account. This system is operated by MailChimp and their own privacy policy applies in this regard. You may view this here:
  • Periodic newsletters are sent to those that have subscribed to the service and subscribers may opt in and out at their own volition.

e. Card Payments

  • Donations and sponsorship subscriptions by debit and credit card are processed via Stripe. The user will input their card details directly into the Stripe payment form on an encrypted webpage (SSL secured). This website does not record or retain any of your payment information. Stripe will notify the site administrator of your name, email address, invoice number (if provided) and the amount you paid so that the accounts system can be updated and your request be processed efficiently.
  • By using our payment service you are deemed to have consented to your personal data being processed by Stripe – further information about this service can be found at

Our Use of Personal Information for Marketing Purposes

  • Unless otherwise stated, your information will not be added to a mailing list when you submit a query to the website via one of the contact forms.
  • The mailing list is operated by MailChimp and your information is stored under their own privacy and security regulations.
  • Any contact arising from our social media channels is managed by the site administrator. Your information will be processed according to the nature of your enquiry and will not be retained on internal systems once contact has ended.
  • Any concerns that you may have regarding how your data is processed by Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter should be resolved by referencing the individual policies on same issued by these companies.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data To Third Parties

  • By signing up as a site sponsor, advertising an event or requesting assistance with a particular task – such as posting a vacancy or details of a missing pet – you have consented to the site administrator sharing your information with general users on the website and / or social media channels for the purpose of completing the task in hand, and you acknowledge that this information may remain public.

Deletion of Data

  • If you are a site advertiser or have made a donation to site costs, we are obliged to retain information about these transactions for a certain period of time. Other than this, we have no need to retain information and this will be deleted as part of our housekeeping policies at regular intervals.

Links To Other Websites

This Privacy Policy applies only to our services. You should refer to the individual third party website if your have any queries regarding how they handle your information.