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COVID-19 - Until further notice, this facility is only available to those who are offering their services to elderly / vulnerable members of the community for shopping etc.

Please share details of any adverts posted here with those who may not have web access.

The noticeboard can be used to post situations vacant / wanted, car share requests, one off item sales etc. 

Properties for sale / to let are not permitted.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Help Available
Added 03-18-2020

Michael is available at weekends to help out with collection / delivery of groceries, prescriptions, fuels etc. Please call 086 817 3305.

Help Available
Added 03-18-2020

A local person is available for collection / delivery of groceries, prescriptions, fuels etc. Also available to chat if you need someone to talk to. Available between 5pm and 9pm Monday to Friday or 10am to 6pm at Weekends. Contact

Help Available
Added 03-18-2020

David Smyth is offering time and transport for collection / delivery of groceries, prescriptions, fuel etc. Contact David via his Facebook Page or call on 087 270 9646.

Nukes Cleaning - Special Offer
Added 03-17-2020

With everything going on at the moment & people worried about Covid-19, Nukes Cleaning would like to offer a FREE service to the elderly & more vulnerable in the area.

If it would help ease their worries a little, we would be happy to call by and sanatize around their windows and doors on ground floor.

Due to strict guidance this will be a external service only we will not enter a property.

So if anybody knows of anyone that this might help, please feel free to contact Nukes Cleaning by text or Whatsapp on 085 238 8826 with address.

We all need to work together to beat this. Stay Safe.

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