With the best will in the world, this website does cost money to run and a LOT of time is invested in managing the site and the associated social media channels.

If you run a local business or you provide a service to people living and working in the Delvin area, you can advertise on this website for a €50 annual fee. In return, you will receive:

A self-managed web page where you can enter your key business information
Listing in the Business Directory (available 24/7)
Use of the What’s On Guide and Noticeboard functions to advertise events, promotions, vacancies etc.*
Periodic promotion via the Delvin Westmeath social media channels**

How It Works

Setup Your Account

Choose a user name, enter a valid email address and set a secure password.

Create Your PROFILE

Enter some information about your business and upload some photos.

Pay By CarD

Pay your €50 fee by credit or debit card. Payments processed using Stripe.


Your profile will be live once it has been approved - normally within 24 hours. 

Once your profile is live, you will be able to change your own photos and content. In time, you will also be able to post your own updates and events. Note that all amendments are subject to approval.

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* If you submit an item to a local newspaper, you will normally put the wording together yourself and spend a lot more money for it to appear in one edition, so please submit your content "ready to go". Reasonable use limits also apply.    
** Your payment goes towards website costs. The website, social media channels, and newsletters are managed by one person on a predominantly voluntary basis, so updates are dependent on the time that is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a community website but it is professionally managed and some FAQs are included below. 

Why do you charge for advertising?

Unlike other "community websites", this one never received any funding - despite enquiries. There are many costs involved in maintaining a website (domain lease, hosting, security & plugin licenses, compliance & accountancy costs etc.) - and it is not unreasonable to ask a business for a fee in return for advertising their services. For less than €1 per week, businesses are included in a true local directory and this can be accessed 24/7/365. If you advertise in a "local" newspaper, you will pay far more and your advert may not be seen when people are actually looking for your services.

Will I have to pay the fee?

If you are running a business to make a living (for profit), then yes. Local community groups and charitable organisations can add a profile for free here

My business only operates for three months each year - do I have to pay the full rate? 

Seasonal businesses can contact me and shorter promotion periods with pro-rata rates can be arranged for them. This is decided on a case by case basis and is at my discretion. General businesses cannot avail of shorter terms.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Payment by credit or debit card is necessary for instant profile creation but if you would like to pay by Revolut or by cash, please contact me.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes. Once your payment has been made and your profile has been approved or renewed, I will issue an official invoice / receipt (under my business name) for your records.

Does income from the site get declared?

Yes of course it does, but that is private information and is between myself, my accountant and Revenue. 

Will you remind me when my profile is due for renewal?

The reminder process is fully automated. From 7 days before your profile is due for renewal, you will receive daily reminders. Should your profile expire, you will receive a final notification. I do not chase payments personally - it is up to the advertiser to decide whether they are renewing or not and to contact me if they have a query.

I forgot to renew and my profile has expired - is it gone forever?

No. Dormant profiles are hidden but they are retained for up to 2 years after expiry. To renew, simply login and pay or contact me.

Will you create my profile for me?

No. You need to describe your own business in your own words. I will check your profile before it is published and correct any obvious spelling or other errors. You can of course contact me if you need advice or assistance but it is up to you to create and manage your own profile. 

Can I edit my profile once it is live?

Yes. You can login to update text, contacts or photos at any time. Please note that any amendments will however need to be approved before they are live.

How many times will my profile be shared on Facebook?

I aim to share profiles once a month but I do not guarantee this. All of this is managed by one volunteer who has a very busy life - the same as you. You are reminded that your profile is live on the website for 365 days so please divide your €50 by 365 before complaining!

Can I choose the wording of Facebook and social media posts - or when they appear?

No. Posts are often scheduled weeks in advance. From time to time, I may share your own social media content on the site media channels but that is entirely at my discretion. If you have a news item or an event to share, you are welcome to tag the page in any posts you share or submit details to the website for manual inclusion. In addition, if you have a particular event or promotion coming up and you contact me in advance, I will try to schedule posts to get you exposure.

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