Help yourself to a premium listing...

This website is run by one volunteer but it costs money to keep it going. You can help out with these costs and avail of a tempting and authentically local advertising opportunity by registering as a sponsor.

  • Receive a listing that is available and "out there" 24/7 
  • Unlock premium directory features and promote your organisation and the services you offer to a unique local audience
  • Add up to ten photos of your key products or project/s
  • Update your profile whenever you like, change photos, update opening hours, add offers, newsletters or menus.*
  • Enjoy unlimited use of the what's on guide and noticeboard functions*
  • Add a link to your own website and social media channels

Three, six and twelve month options are available.

Choose your package...

  1. If you are advertising for the first time, select your choice of tariff from the options below.
  2. If you are an existing / lapsed advertiser or your organisation is listed on a discretionary basis and you would like to renew or upgrade, contact the site administrator here and a user name and password will be issued to you.
Premium Feature Silver


180 Days

Duration: 180 Days
2 categories
1 location
8 Photos
Contact Form
Premium Feature Gold


365 Days

Duration: 365 Days
2 categories
1 location
10 Photos
Contact Form
Premium Feature Bronze


90 Days

Duration: 90 Days
2 categories
1 location
5 Photos
Contact Form

* You will manage your own profile and enter information and updates yourself. If you wish, the site administrator can do this for you for an additional fee. Note that political organisations are excluded from the What's On and Noticeboard functions.   

 To ensure site integrity, businesses with a premises on Delvin's Main Street have been included irrespective of whether a payment plan is in place, but the information provided is limited. These listings are added at the discretion of the website owner. Discretionary plans can also be upgraded to paid plans on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a community website but it is professionally managed and some FAQs are included below. 

Will my listing be shared on Facebook or Instagram?

I no-longer commit to sharing individual listings each month. This was very time consuming and some people forgot that I do this voluntarily and that I get very little back from it. I will however share links to the directory (which is available 24/7/365 btw!) on a regular basis. In addition, businesses and community groups can always tag @delvin.westmeath in their posts and I will occasionally share them - note that I won't share everything you post though! 

How much does it cost to advertise on the Delvin Website?

There are 3 options - €21.50 for 3 months, €31.50 for 6 months and €41.50 for 12 months. 

Why do you charge for advertising?

Simple. This website costs money to run and it does not receive public funding. It is not unreasonable to ask a business for a contribution towards website costs. Think about it - if you charge for a product or service with the intention of making a profit, you should not expect a volunteer to run a website like this and cover the costs associated with it themselves while giving you free advertising! 

Please also note that if you advertise in a "local" newspaper, you will pay far more and your advert may not be seen when people are actually looking for your services.

What is a discretionary listing?

To maintain the integrity of the website, businesses with a premises on the main street (from St. Mary's Church to the Church of the Assumption only) will be listed, irrespective of whether they contribute or not. They will however only receive a basic listing (literally a name and address). In addition, not-for-profit community organisations will receive more detailed discretionary listings.

Which payment methods do you accept?

I accept credit & debit cards (processed by Stripe), cash and Revolut. 

Will I get a receipt?

Yes. You will receive an automated receipt when your payment has been processed. 

Does income from the site get declared?

Yes of course it does, but that is private information and is between myself, my accountant and Revenue. 

Will you remind me when my profile is due for renewal?

The reminder process is fully automated. I do not chase payments personally - it is up to the advertiser to decide whether they are renewing or not and to contact me if they have a query. 

I forgot to renew and my profile has expired - is it gone forever?

No. Dormant profiles are hidden but they are retained for up to 6 months after expiry. To renew, simply login and pay.

Will you create and manage my profile for me?

Yes - for a small additional fee. But you can add and update your own profile whenever you like at no additional cost. 

Can I edit my profile once it is live?

Yes. You can login to update text, contacts or photos at any time. Please note that any amendments will however need to be approved before they are live. 

How do login to edit my profile?

Click here. If you are an existing advertiser and you created your own profile, you can login with your email address and password. A lost password function is available if you need it. If your profile was created for you, you can contact the site administrator here. The profile will then be assigned to you and login details released. 

Do you offer refunds?

No. All fees are non-refundable.