Worrying Allegation Of Racial Abuse

Delvin GardaI have been contacted by a concerned resident who wanted it known that an alleged incident occurred at the playground in Delvin yesterday evening at approx 6pm.

The allegation suggests that a group of youths racially abused a woman as she entered the playground with her young child. The youths were then noted heading off in different directions and it has been indicated that they are local.

I have no further information on this incident, the people involved or the allegation that has been made, but if anyone reading this was in that area at the time and does have that information, they should contact the gardai in Delvin immediately on 044 966 4193.

As summer holidays commence, parents are reminded that they should know where their children (including teenagers) are at all times and that they should ensure that children are aware of the potential repercussions of intimidatory and other anti-social behaviours.

It’s such a shame that on a weekend when our village welcomed visitors from all over the country (and even some from abroad) to the festival at Ballinlough, that a small group could cause this upset to a local family. This cannot and must not be tolerated even as a one off incident.