Work By Local Artist To Be Exhibited At Botanical Gardens

Congratulations to local artist - Jonathan Von Baumann - whose work will appear in an exhibition at the Botanical gardens in Dublin later this year!A spectacular sculpture by local artist, Jonathan Von Baumann, will shortly leave its current home in the Garden Gallery in Crowenstown for the Botanical gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin.

This incredible, imposing and detailed art work took six months to create. To quote the artist himself, “Every crystal, gemstone and pearl is set by hand to form a pattern based on the size, shape & colour of the preceding jewel therefore resulting in an individual pattern evolution that cannot be repeated”.

It is expected that the piece will be enjoyed by 100,000 visitors during the two month exhibition.

Jonathan’s sculpture will leave for Dublin on 1st September, so why not visit the gallery while you still have the chance and enjoy this one off art work locally.