Watch Out – Thieves Are About

Burglars NEVER rest - be vigilantAnother Delvin resident has had to go through the horrible ordeal of a burglary at their home.

On the evening of Thursday 21st August, a property in Lacora Glen was accessed. My information suggests that the intruder returned for a second time and was disturbed and that a man was seen escaping through the neighbouring field.

This is the second local burglary in recent weeks.

Be Vigilant – and Communicate!

When it comes to detecting and fighting crime – every second counts.

  • REPORT suspicious behaviour to the Gardai STRAIGHT AWAY! Don’t put it off or say you’ll “mention it to them” later – while you are deferring, someone else’s property could be getting broken in to and yours could be next.
  • SHARE your experience with your friends and neighbours as soon as you can. This will put them on alert and immediately heighten your local security. You can (if you wish) flag it in to me via the Delvin Facebook Page and I will share it too.

If you see anything suspicious, call 086 858 3049 or 999 immediately.

Keeping Delvin Safe

As a guide, you should always make a quick phone call if you notice any of the following:

  • Unknown people or vehicles in your area
  • Strangers on a neighbour’s property
  • Groups or individuals acting suspiciously – even on public property
  • Vandalism or damage anywhere in the village
  • Evidence of substance abuse
  • Antisocial or threatening behaviour of any description

You can call 086 858 3049 at any time, day or night (999 in an emergency) and speak in confidence to a member of our local Garda patrol. You don’t have to give any information about yourself but your call could help put a stop to a crime in progress.