Virtual Marathon

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Virtual Marathon ‘My Arse’ 2020 has been a year to remember & endure for us all. A year of Zoom calls, quizzes & catch ups.. A year of having to miss out on holidays, family gatherings & events to participate & attend.

Even though our Spirit & Resolve was tested, many of us weathered this storm and adapted themselves to complete some of their goals under the new restrictions & guidelines set out under the COVID measures.

The Dublin Marathon was cancelled this year but with the overwhelming support of participants due to complete it, they decided to run it ‘Virtually’. The Dublin City marathon like so many other races, are a huge platform for fundraising for so many national & local charities. These runners were not going to let the cancellation quash their plans but instead run it in their locality. 26.2 miles is an arduous task but a testament to the Irish Spirit, the crowds in Dublin usually encourage & help push those participating through it to the end… Not this Year.

With restrictions being increased on the run up to the October Bank Holiday weekend, they now had a tougher challenge to overcome, running 42km within a 5k radius of their homes. Many on isolated country roads with little support. Only a few friends & families on the route to support & cheer them on.

A few members from Fr Murphy’s & Trim Athletic Club decided to band together and create a safe local route between Delvin and Athboy to keep within the guidelines. They clubbed together and created their own Virtual Race and named it “Virtual My Arse” marathon. As we know on the run up to the event, the route had to be amended due to new restrictions & some of the Trim AC members had to run it locally.

Participant – Andrew Revington

They ran different routes and directions around the same route, word traveled fast, with Cheering from neighbours & friends dotted along the route. Make shift tables were brought out with water, fruit & sweets to support the runners. They didn’t have the huge crowds like in a normal marathon but even better, a community of people coming out to support Their Own.

As mentioned, many had plans in place to fundraise and raise money for a personal cause. One of these was Penny. Her father Thomas Moran runs with Trim AC & was planning to run the marathon this year, below is a brief text on what this Brave Little Angel has to endure daily.

If you could help & donate to this cause. Well Done to all the participants.

Penny Steps

Penny Steps

On the 6th of August 2013, at just 5 months old,Penny was diagnosed with partial duplication of her 12th Chromosome. She is believed to be only 1 of 40 children in the world with this, and only the 10th of her particle strain.

Her specialist Doctors in Mullingar and Crumlin hospital continue to do their best to help Penny in her developments, alongside her fantastic teachers in her special needs school in Johnstown Co. Meath. Penny’s father, Thomas now finds himself caring for Penny with absolutely no state funding, which is incredibly tough considering her requirements.

House Adaptions are absolutely essential for Penny’s long term care with her Dad. The reason for starting this fund is to try and help Thomas facilitate his home with the vital equipment and arrangements that Penny needs to live her life comfortably. Any donation whether it be big or small will be greatly appreciated. Penny was and still is going through the wars and we need to do whatever possible to assist her. The following is Penny’s medical history.

  • Myoclonic Epilepsy
  • Tonic Clonic Epilepsy
  • Absent Seizures
  • Hypotonic
  • Peg feeding – Penny is fed & medicated via a pump directly into her stomach
  • Penny is unable to go to the toilet unaided and requires a wash out every 2nd day
  • Penny has had 9 operations since birth to correct dislocations.
  • Nystagmus (Legally blind)
  • Regular oxygen

You can make a donation here.