Update Re Bracklyn Wind Farm

I have been asked to share the following update on behalf of Galetech Energy Group

Residents, Community Groups & Local Representatives,

A further update of the proposed Bracklyn Wind Farm Development is available on our website:


Our new proposed draft layout comprises of a nine turbine development.

We are urging people to contact us  to discuss early stage proposals of the Bracklyn Wind Farm development.

The Bracklyn wind farm liaison team sent letters in June 2020 and held productive clinics both on Brackyn Estate and in Delvin Hall in July 2020. The community liaison officer, Deirdre Keegan, recommenced door to door visits in September 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Level 5 restrictions, we now have to postpone these door to door visits until restriction of movement has ended.

We are committed to keeping the communities we engage in safe.

As a result, the Bracklyn Windfarm project team is exploring every opportunity at this early design stage to continue with its engagement with the local community by providing information and answering questions using freephone and online services.     

  • We have a freephone number 1800 140 976, which you can dial free of charge to request a call back from the project team.
  • Face to face meetings, post level 5 restrictions are now available to book at a time and date convenient to you. Please call 1800 140 976 to organise.

It is very important that we hear what local people have to say on the project and their input is most valuable. We also want to hear from you what you feel this proposed wind farm project should be able to do for you in respect of community funding that will greatly benefit the area as a whole.

Deirdre Keegan,

Community Liaison Officer,

Galetech Energy Group

Bracklyn Wind Farm Update - October 2020