Unwanted House Callers – Be Vigilant!

We are now entering the season of unwanted and persistent house callers who offer pressure washing, gutter clearing, roof repairs and various other services. One resident has already been in contact to say that one such caller put a ladder up to access her neighbour’s roof despite having been told that their services were definitely not required.

Some door to door callers are legitimate and are trying to drum up business. These will not pressure you in to making a decision on the spot and will often have ID or a flyer with details that you can verify later before making a decision.

There are plenty of legitimate, licensed and insured businesses in the area that will gladly – on invitation – issue a quote or give you advice on any work you need to have done. You will find some of these in the Directory.

If you are in any doubt about cold callers to your home – or if you are made to feel under pressure to buy a product or service to get rid of them -say no, shut your door and call the gardai immediately.

Delvin Patrol – 086 858 3049
Mullingar Garda Station – 044 938 4000