Tackling Food Waste At Christmas

Submitted by Westmeath County Council

Christmas Battleground PosterAt Christmas we over indulge but did you that 1/3 of all the food we purchase is wasted? This is costing the average household between €700 – €1,000 per year!

To stop this waste we need to “re-think” our food habits – here are a few tips to help:

  • Make a list of the food you throw out for a week….you’ll be shocked at what you waste.
  • Plan ahead – plan your meals – use what you already have in your cupboards, fridge & freezer
  • Make a shopping list – and stick to it!
  • Beware of special offers – it’s only a bargain if you use it all!
  • Make the most of what you bought – store it in the right place
  • Know your dates – Best Before is a guideline, Use By is a deadline
  • An overloaded plate leads to an overloaded bin – know your portions
  • Get creative with leftovers

You can download a poster below showing how to win in the shopping battleground this Christmas, and also a recipe booklet for those Christmas dinner leftovers.


Recipe Booklet
Recipe Booklet
Christmas Battleground Poster
Christmas Battleground Poster