Stu Walks Away With €24K

Stu Wins €24K!
Pictured are Brian Ormond (presenter), Sara Orme (Daybreak, Delvin), Stu Wells, Brendan McGrenra (National Lottery) and Paul Williams (Daybreak Delvin

CONGRATULATIONS to Stu Wells who picked up a cool €24,000 when he took on the National Lottery Money Spinner game in Dublin last Saturday!

Stu’s win came about after his partner Eddie purchased two tickets and revealed three stars on both, allowing entry to a draw to appear on the Youtube show.

By Stu’s own admission, things like this do not normally happen to him – but on this occasion, it did! So maybe some of his luck will now rub off on customers purchasing their lottery tickets at Daybreak?

There’s only one way to find out!