Stay Safe This Summer

Stay Safe This Summer
Garda Patrol – 086 858 3049 | Call 999 in an emergency

With warmer weather on the way in, this is a reminder to stay vigilant and help keep Delvin safe for yourself and your neighbours this summer.

Daylight Robbery
Many burglaries take place during the day. Even if you do not know them by name, you do know your own neighbours, their vehicles, regular visitors and routines. Thieves do pose as legitimate visitors (“hiding in plain sight”) so do not assume that possession of a clipboard or a hi-viz jacket guarantees they have a right to be there if your neighbours are not at home.

As a rule, if something doesn’t look right, it’s time to make a quick call and get it checked out – you could prevent a burglary AND prevent your own home becoming a future target.

At home, keep windows locked in rooms that you are not using. It only takes a minute for an opportunist thief to access your home so don’t chance it. Use your alarm too – even if you are only leaving the house for a few minutes – that run to the shops or the school could be all they need.

Scouting For “Business”
Be ware of cold callers, people offering to carry out odd jobs etc. If in doubt, keep them out.

Secure Your Outbuildings
Keep sheds and other outbuildings locked and keep your tools out of sight. Lawnmowers, hedge cutters and other equipment have been taken in recent raids – don’t become a victim. Lock up ladders and other smaller tools too – don’t give a thief any assistance in their attempt to access your property.

Keep Your Kids Safe
As a driver, slow down when driving through the village – especially if you are driving on one of our local estates. As a parent, keep an eye on your children and educate them about the dangers of oncoming traffic. Try and encourage them to play on green areas.

Please also keep young children under constant supervision for their own general safety.

Garda Contacts

The mobile patrol is available 24/7 on 086 858 3049. In an emergency, diall 999.