Scouts Preparing To Take On Mount Snowdon!

On the 29th of July 2017, the 3rd Westmeath Delvin Scout section will depart our fair isle for North Wales.

As part of a planned week of adventure, the scouts will be climbing Mount Snowdon. Stretching to a massive height of 1085 metres, Snowdon has been known to throw many different weather systems at its climbers in any one climb. Therefore it has encouraged our scouts to take on various climbs, consisting of different heights, diverse terrains and more importantly differing weather conditions.

The photographs show the scouts at the summit of Arderin in the Slieve Blooms on a very wintry day, the summit of Slieve Foye in the Cooley mountains enveloped in cloud and the summit of Kilmashogue in the Dublin mountains basking in glorious sunshine.

Delvin scouts are ready for anything!