Have A Safe & Secure Christmas

In light of the burglary that took place in the village yesterday afternoon, this is a timely reminder to enjoy all that this season has to offer but to keep your wits about you.

  • DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CAR! When parking, double check that your car is locked before leaving it. Some remote control devices can be blocked by thieves leaving a victim’s car unprotected.
  • WATCH YOUR CASH! When shopping, be extra careful when taking out money at the ATM. Protect your PIN and do not use the machine if it appears to have been tampered with. In addition, watch your bags, wallets and phones.
  • STOP SHOWING OFF! Keep gifts out of sight. Whether in the car or at home, don’t leave gifts where they can be seen by an opportune thief. Beyond the big day, don’t splash details of your amazing presents all over social media either!
  • LOCK UP! Keep doors and windows locked in rooms that are unattended and if you have an alarm, use it!
  • LIGHT UP! Make sure your outdoor lights are working as they should and consider installing additional units in areas that are poorly lit. In addition, leave a couple of lights on timers if you are heading out or away to give the impression that there is someone at home.
  • REPORT SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOUR! If you notice unusual activity on your own or a neighbour’s property, don’t give it a second thought – report it immediately! You owe these guys nothing and if they are on legitimate business, they can explain themselves to the gardai without further consequence! Personal descriptions and vehicle registration numbers are always useful.
  • MAKE NOTE of the Garda contact numbers. 086 858 3049 is the local patrol, but 044 938 4000 will get you through to Mullingar Garda Station and they will know where the patrols are and help you get the attention needed more quickly. In an emergency – burglary in progress, anti social behaviour etc – always call 999.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and secure Christmas.