Report Reckless Driving

Anyone who lives on or near Main Street, Delvin will probably tell you that there has been a recent increase in the number of drivers speeding through our village, especially at night.

Last night (Wednesday 7th July), a planter at the entrance to Lacora Glen was destroyed. Evidence suggests that the driver mounted the curb and drove through it. A witness heard a commotion around midnight, and while they did not see the incident itself, they did see a small van driving erratically as it headed up the village.

If anyone witnessed anything or they have camera footage that may help to identify the vehicle responsible, please call Delvin Garda as soon as possible on 086 858 3049. In addition, maybe the gardai should mount some additional checks at night to catch those who are abusing our local roads.

Reckless Driving - July 2021
Damaged planter at entrance to Lacora Glen.