Onwards & Upwards For The DSLC

The DSLC AGM, which was held on the 20th of November, has been considered a huge success by all those involved. The project had essentially ground to halt and had been maintained over the last number of years by a small number of people.

At the initial AGM held on the 6th of November, it was stated that the current situation was not sustainable as those looking after the facility were growing weary of the project. The standing committee at the time had taken the decision to stand down and had called the AGM in the hope that a new committee could be elected to help move the project along.

Despite advertisement of the AGM through local media, Facebook, the Delvin village website, e-mail and other methods of communication, the meeting held on November 6th was badly attended. The standing committee at the time stated that should no committee be elected, then closure of the facility was imminent. This was something that nobody wanted to see, however the fact of the matter was that if there was nobody in place to maintain the centre, closure was the only option because of health and safety reasons. With little chance of electing a new committee it was agreed by those in attendance that a further two weeks be given in a bid to encourage more people to attend.

The meeting held on the Wednesday the 20th of November was attended by approximately thirty people. These people were for the most part representative of the various groups using the facility and as such acknowledged the fact that there is a enormous workload associated with the centre. Following the reading of minutes from the previous meeting and a Q&A session, a new committee was elected and a firm commitment was given, by all present at the meeting, to help and support the project going forward.

New people and new ideas can only help to drive this project forward.

Submitted by The Delvin Sports & Leisure Centre