Monday 4th March – Schools ARE Opening

St Ernan’s, St Patrick’s and St Tolas are all planning to open. The following information has been shared to help parents plan their journey.

St Ernan’s School
The road leading to the school has been cleared of snow but in the interest of safety we ask all parents to operate a 1-Way System on the school road.

Vehicles are asked to approach the school via the Clonmellon road side and depart from the school towards the Collinstown road. The school carpark has been cleared of snow. Paths on the approach to the school are not yet clear so we ask those travelling to school on foot to exercise extreme caution and wear appropriate footwear for the conditions.

We understand that roads outside the village may not be clear yet so we ask parents only to travel if it is safe and they are comfortable in doing so.

St. Patrick’s School
Open as usual. Children should go straight into their classroom and not into the shelter shed.

St Tolas
If you are relying on bus services, the CIE will contact you as school currently unsure if service running. Please use your own judgement before travelling and stay safe. First Holy Communion meeting scheduled for tomorrow night has been cancelled.