Keeping Delvin Tidy!

This is an archived item. Photos and other images have now been removed.

Members of the original Tidy Town committee along with representatives from the Historical Society, Scout Group, local businesses and residents – met on Wednesday 6th April and have now re-launched the Tidy Town’s initiative in Delvin.

Delvin is an attractive and historic village with much to gain from a simple clean up and a little tender loving care. While the main street, like any other village, may bear scars from the burst of the property bubble, the new group will work to make the best of the village as it is – warts and all.

The Scouts are set to have a busy summer and will carry out litter picks throughout the village on a weekly basis, starting with a major litter picking session between 2 and 3pm on Good Friday (22nd April). In addition, they will prepare flower baskets for distribution throughout the main street and apply a lick of paint to some of the derelict properties. It is hoped that the flower beds in the Courtyard Development will also be spruced up bringing some extra colour to the village.

Elsewhere, efforts will be made to take back the ruins of St Mary’s Church and the nearby Famine Graveyard and to give them a major clean up so visitors can explore them. The entrances to Delvin at either end on the N52 will also receive attention.

While much of the work will be carried out by volunteers, residents and businesses are also being asked to play their part – simply by keeping the outside of their homes or commercial premises clean and tidy. Encourage children to take their litter home with them and if you have a dog, please clean up after it!