Gallery “Packed To The Gills” For Exhibition Launch

2015 Exhibition OpeningHazel Revington can breathe a sigh of relief following her exhibition launch on Saturday 7th November! Despite many regulars being unable to attend, the gallery was full of familiar and new faces and a great night was reportedly had by all.

Hazel would like to thank everyone for the support shown towards her and her fellow artists on the evening. A very special note of thanks was also offered to the amazing musicians and also the representatives from the Midlands Simon Community who attended the event, at which a very impressive collection of food items for their cause was still taking shape.

In her short speech, Hazel reiterated that people do not need to know about art to visit her gallery and that they do not need to dress up either. Hazel also spoke spoke of the friendships that have been formed within the gallery – and this is always evident at every event she hosts.

Background To 2015 Exhibition

Those who could not attend are still welcome to call in to see pieces from Hazel’s latest exhibition – “Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate”.

Throughout our lives we encounter many situations where words are simply not enough to express what is in our hearts. They can be very happy occasions or times of great sadness that we gather together to share a meal or we simply reach out to try and bring comfort to someone by offering them food.

I have a photographic memory for the food I have shared with other people. Images get stuck in my head. I can go back twenty or more years and remember what food I ate with certain people and what food I associate them with. The inspiration for this exhibition came from a photograph of a friends barbecue that got trapped in my mind. They were cooking prawn tails and seared tuna and so I took out my paints. This took me on a journey of visiting memories of my childhood from the mackerel in Clogherhead to my cousins Spanish wife, giving me a cookery demonstration on Paella about a year ago. The joy I felt painting these pieces is actually hard to describe.

To those I have shared a glass of wine, a simple cup of tea or coffee, or a meal with; I hope there will be many more of these occasions. They create beautiful memories that I cherish. I look forward to raising a glass to those in the gallery on the night. To those of my friends who live too far away making it impossible for me to share in this luxury with you…I dine with you often in my heart.

Photos From The Evening