Fiscal Stability Treaty – What Do YOU Think?

Fiscal Stability Treaty - How Will YOU Vote On May 31st?The referendum on the “Fiscal Stability Treaty” will take place on Thursday 31st May.

So what do people in Delvin think of the treaty and how do they intend to vote? Your can share your views below in a totally anonymous poll.

What Locals Are Saying…

Poll closed at 09:00 on Monday 21st May

Yes: 14%
No: 86%


They told us the Lisbon treaty would be great for jobs and that was a lie. Why believe them now – things are going to get worse whatever happens.

Fiscal? More like fiasco!

I’d sooner live in a country thats on its knees and still benefit the percentage of the population that’s willing to work instead of those who aren’t. I understand that there are people who genuinely cant find work but there are a lot of young lads in Delvin who dont want to work and are happy on the scratcher.

Vote ‘yes’ for 20 years of pain. It’s like putting your hand on the back of your child’s neck and submerging them slowly under water… Death by a thousand cuts springs to mind.

A ‘Yes’ vote will completely destroy our country beyond recovery. People need to stand together and not be afraid to say NO to those who have caused this mess.

We have paid enough all ready…. no more austerity!!!!! doesn’t work.

This isn’t about Irish politics any more – it’s about survival. We brought this on ourselves and should be grateful for any help offered to us by europe.

Voting NO. It’s a disgrace what the past few governments have reduced us to! We were only after getting some of our long emigrated folk back home in their village and rebuilding their lives – now they and others are having to leave. Families are living way below the poverty line, kids are going to school hungry, parents are months behind with household bills, mortgages are not being paid and families are living in fear of being evicted! Please think before you vote – don’t be bullied into “their” way! Vote NO!

More empty words from our leaders. You and those before you allowed a small group to steal from the rest of us and now you want us to sign up to a longer term debt while you all keep “your” money? F**K OFF!

Seems like a yes vote will keep us in a cycle for getting loans and trying to pay them back. We need a no vote and a clean break from the cycle.

We need an all out strike on May 31st.. everything close down.. transport, retail, banks – the lot – ALL OUT TOGETHER THE SAME DAY!!! Show them who exactly runs this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vote no to give them a message, because the treaty itself means absolutely nothing. They will carry on printing money regardless, but the global collapse caused by unpayable debt will come quicker as a result. The Euro is doomed, why should we risk or necks to save it? Anyone who asks us to do so is not acting in the best interests of the Irish people.

Would have preferred to have voted in 2008 re the bank bailout!!

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