Firework Misuse

This is a reminder that fireworks are ILLEGAL in the Irish Republic. Despite this, there are still random bangers going off at all hours of the day or night, so clearly that message hasn’t reached some people – and I doubt they would care even if it had.

A report has been received of a group of “kids” throwing fireworks at passing cars from the GAA ground on Saturday night. Disappointingly, the gardai failed to appear – and this has been addressed to the Westmeath Crime Prevention Officer for response.

Most of us probably wouldn’t report neigbours if they had a few fireworks on Halloween and were managing them safely and responsibly, but do not push the goodwill. Children (including teenagers) should NEVER have access to them. It also begs the question – DURING A PANDEMIC – do you know where your children are and do you know what they are doing? If not, you need to correct that.

I do not need to remind you of the dangers of firework misuse. No doctor or nurse should have to deal with the aftermath of a firework related “accident” at any time, but during a pandemic endangering yourself and others is even more selfish and irresponsible.

So please – stop the messing and let’s all have a safe Halloween season.


  • Delvin Patrol – 086 858 3049
  • Mullingar Control Room – 044 938 4000
  • Emergency – 999