Facebook FAQ Issue

If you have tried to message the Delvin Westmeath Facebook Page recently, you may have noted the “Frequently Asked Questions” section. This has continued to appear even though it’s switched off!

Facebook FAQ Issue

This function was supposed to automatically return useful links and phone numbers to the common questions I receive, but because of privacy issues in the EU (blah blah), Facebook partially disabled it – you can still see it but it doesn’t work. So sorry if you have clicked and haven’t received a response, it’s out of my control! I have however listed the responses that should be returned to you below.

Can you post something for me? 

Small ads (babysitting required/offered, carpooling etc.) must now be submitted via the website – link below.
If you are a business user, an annual €50 fee will apply. This goes towards the costs of operating the Delvin Website.

Please see https://delvinvillage.com/notices for small ads or https://delvinvillage.com/business for business advertising.

Business Info / Opening Times

Contact details and general information about local businesses can be found in the directory. All enquiries regarding products, services, opening times etc, must be sent directly to them.

If the business you require is not listed, they do not support the website financially and their information will not be included on it.

Please note that I do not offer or invite recommendations for services on behalf of users.

Please see https://delvinvillage.com/directory-sponsors for a list of local businesses that sponsor this website or https://delvinvillage.com/business to add your business.

Water or Power Failures

Details of notified service outages will be shared on the page. If your water or power has gone, you can also find updates and report faults via the following:

Missing / Found Pets

Please forward a clear photo, state the general area the pet is missing from/was found in, and provide a telephone number for publication – I do not publish such posts without a contact number.

If you have found a pet and you believe that it is unwell or that it may have been abused, please contact a vet or a pet rescue service instead. DO NOT send photos of injured or dead animals.

Animal Welfare Contacts – https://bit.ly/2WLWJvd

I Want To Report Suspicious / Antisocial Behaviour

Please contact Delvin Garda.

  • 086 858 3049 – Local patrol
  • 044 938 4000 – Mullingar switchboard
  • In an emergency, call 999.