Scouts Lead Delvin’s Big Clean

This is an archived item. Photos and other images have now been removed.

Delvin Scouts set the standard and got to work picking up litter and leading a general tidy up in and around the Main Street on Good Friday (22nd April).

Armed with gloves, litter pickers and armfuls of bin bags, it was all hands on deck as the groups were lead off to different parts of the village to begin a clean up which they hope to repeat (albeit on a smaller scale) on a weekly basis during the summer.

In addition to the well supported tidy up, the Scouts in partnership with Delvin’s Historical Society and the newly reformed Tidy Towns Committee, will also see flower baskets placed throughout the village and give some of the derelict buildings a much needed coat of paint. Plans are also being made to tidy up the grounds of St Mary’s Church and to give some attention to the nearby Famine Graveyard at Ballyhealy.

Meanwhile, residents and businesses are being encouraged to play their part by keeping areas outside their homes and commercial premises clean and tidy. Children are being asked to take their litter home with them, and dog owners are reminded to clean up after their pets.