The Delvin Village Website Is 10!

DelvinVillage.Com was launched at 10am on Friday 4th September 2009. You will note (I hope) that the website has changed quite a bit since then – a shot of the original homepage is included below.

Broadband had only recently arrived in the village when the website went live. A simple structure was setup (at speed) to offer a positive source of local news and information for people logging on to the web – perhaps for their first time. Since then, the site has grown considerably and has been adapted for new, international audiences – and yes, the site is referenced by ex-Delvin folk in Australia, the USA and elsewhere, and also by tourists passing through. My advertisers have also commented that they have benefited from being on the website with business coming to them from a wider area than before. The internet works!

I would like to thank all the businesses that have supported the site financially over the last ten years. This site has never received a cent of public funding (despite enquiries) so thank you to you in particular. Thank you to all the community groups for their ongoing hard work and to those that keep me in the loop with their activities and plans. Finally, thank you to everyone who continues to use and support the website.

The Original Delvin Village Website
As it was then: DelvinVillage.Com, autumn 2009