Delvin Website Under Attack!

Hacker At WorkLast night, over the course of seventy minutes, 112 attempts were made to hack (break into) the Delvin Website. This is not the first time – and it will not be the last either!

The computers that targeted the website last night were spread across 31 countries, including Israel, Brazil, Poland, Italy, USA, Morocco, Zambia and the UK.

So how likely is it that the owners of these computers simultaneously decided to try and hack this website – and to use the same login details? The answer is that they didn’t and they have probably never even heard of Delvin.

To date the security systems have kept the bad guys out, but with more and more people using the internet, how secure is YOUR computer?

Are You Using Anti-Virus / Anti-Malicious (Malware) Software?

If you regularly surf the net, download music or films (tut tut!) or use an email service, you could be coming in to contact with infected content. If you do not have antivirus software installed on your system (or keep that software updated), you might already be infected. This software could sit harmlessly on your computer or it could be used to steal or destroy your personal information, to store and share undesirable third party content or to conduct synchronized mass attacks on other computers – including website servers as was the case last night.

Protect Yourself!

The Delvin Website is hosted on a secure, state of the art server network in Dublin. In addition, it is protected by a variety of security systems to keep it as safe as possible.

Protecting your home PC or laptop is relatively straight forward and there is no reason to panic about using the internet if you have taken some simple precautions. Click here to learn more about what a virus actually is, here to learn more about the types of viruses out there or here for reviews of FREE antivirus software applications.