Delvin Beavers Enjoy Day Out At Belvedere

Last Friday the Delvin Beavers made the short journey to Belvedere in Mulingar and once again were blessed with fantastic summer weather.

Sixteen Beavers left Delvin at 11 am looking forward to their tour around Belvedere especailly the “Beaver Dam” replicated from the story of Narnia.

The day included a picnic and all the treats that Belvedere has to offer the visitor, these included the swings, playgrounds, The Bridge at Terabithia – a must for any child that wants to live the magic of the movie.

Our day would not be complete without an examination of the local wildlife, however, none of us expected to see a bat – the Beavers watched with open mouth as the bat slowly made its way up the gazebo. This was followed by a walk through the house just to see how the other half lived. As the day was drawing to a close and the temperatures were good and high, the leaders finally succumbed to pleadings of the Beavers to allow them to paddle in the lake.

Returning to Delvin just after 5 pm all agreed this was a great day and Belvedere is definitely one of the hotspots to visit in Westmeath.

Submitted by the Third Westmeath Delvin Scouts