Delvin Beavers Complete Stage One of Paddling Skills

Delvin Beavers just want to have fun!Based on the experience of the last few years, Delvin’s Beaver Scouts were leaving nothing to chance and so when Met Éireann promised a sunny day last Saturday, we packed up and headed for Lough Lene.

Completion of stage one of paddling skills was the target and after the many evenings in Delvin hall and at Ogles practising our kayaking skills, we finally put all we learned to the test.

The leaders had little to worry about as all Beavers showed a quiet confidence in what they were doing. Once the business of the day was over, it was time to have fun. After much deliberation it was decided by all that the only way to do this was jump in and get wet.

What a way to start the summer, long may it continue!

Submitted by 3rd Westmeath Delvin Scouts