Delvin Beaver Scouts Visit Mullaghmeen

Delvin’s 3rd Westmeath Beavers recently paid a visit to Mullaghmeen and as a part of the trip decided that it would be a good idea to climb to the highest point in Westmeath.

With the kids off school and the weather on our side, we left Delvin at 11am on Friday and arrived in Mullaghmeen just after 11.30. Our plan was to make our way to the top and have lunch there – this of course meant that each Beaver would have to carry their own pack but this did not faze our Beavers! Instead they got on with the task in hand and did so with gusto.

On our way to the top we took some time out to carry out a bug patrol. All the Beavers managed to catch a variety of bugs and after a brief examination, the bugs were returned to their natural habitat. Once again we readied ourselves for the final push to the summit and with our packs on our backs we pushed ourselves onwards and upwards.

At 1.15pm we cleared the canopy of the forest and were greeted with warm sunshine. With just twenty meters to go, we knew we were in for a treat as the vast vistas began to open out in front of us. There was no stopping us at this point and the Beavers practically ran the last few meters. Everybody agreed that the hard slog getting there was worth it and if you are looking for a place to picnic in Westmeath, then there is no place like it.

Submitted by the Third Westmeath Delvin Scouts