Future Of Country Music Festival Hangs In The Balance

Delvin’s first Country Music Festival took place in July and was very well received by all who attended. Despite this, attendance at a meeting held on the 8th August to discuss the future of the festival was disheartening to say the least.

Some of the key points and comments from the meeting are listed below and your input is invited.

If you would like to see the festival return in one form or another, you will have another opportunity to show your support at a meeting on the 22nd August at 9pm in St Patrick’s Hall.

Even if you do not wish to take a named role, it is important to know whether this event has the support of the local community. Whatever your view, please allow half an hour or so to come along and take part.

Key Points

  • The festival was a great success for the village and everyone present agreed that it brought a buzz to the area.
  • The final amount raised has yet to be confirmed as sponsorship is still being collected.
  • A unanimous vote of thanks was offered to Alan Fallon who came up with the idea and whose investment of time and resource was instrumental in its success.
  • Thanks were also offered to all who sponsored the festival, the volunteers that set it up, the stewards and all who supported the event.
  • There was acknowledgement that some people were critical of the choice of venue, yet in discussion – the cost of hiring a marquee and all that would have entailed would have made the festival unworkable in its first year.
  • Views were mixed as to whether the festival should return in 2019 and it was agreed that another meeting be scheduled as a larger turnout would be necessary to decide what (if anything) happens next.
  • It was agreed that a well organised event would benefit the local economy. On that basis, more businesses should come forward with their ideas and a greater expression of support from the wider community should be invited.

Onward to 2019

These are some of the key questions that will need to be answered at the next meeting:

  • Would local people have an appetite for such an event and would they support it?
  • Should the festival continue and what form would it take?
  • Is a weekend too long? Should it be a one or two night event?
  • Should it just focus on local talent or maybe local plus one well known “headline” act?
  • Does it need to be a country music festival? Could it be broadened out to include other styles and include other attractions like busking etc?
  • Where should it happen?
  • How should it be funded? The 2019/20 festival would be starting from scratch. As a guide, a marquee is €6-7,000, established performers can cost upwards of €4,000 and then there’s insurance, security and other running costs.
  • Should it be run as a business – i.e. any proceeds be reinvested in subsequent years rather than be donated to a nominated charity?

Other than to support any committee that may be formed, your attendance and your input at the next meeting will NOT automatically result in an ongoing obligation on your behalf! If you have a view or a suggestion – or you would like to get involved – please come along on the 22nd August and have your say.