Culture Night 2014 at the Purple Raven Gallery

You always know you’ve had a great night when you wake up the next morning with no voice!

It’s a great start when a bus pulls up at the gate to let people off, and that kind of support is so much appreciated. We had a huge crowd and the feedback was that this was the best one yet.

Every time I passed Richie Clarke he had a group of people around him (including the cat) watching him work as he put the finishing touches on the Salmon of Knowledge, which will be on view at the ploughing championships. I knew everyone would love Morgan Gibbs! He had an audience around him from the second he put up the easel until he left at the end of the night and they were fascinated watching him paint.

The Valley Singers gave a great performance and I think they will have a few new recruits joining them when they meet for rehearsals on Friday nights. They made me wish I could sing! Amanda, despite not feeling well, entertained us with a beautiful bellydance and I got asked several times last night does she teach. You know what you need to do Amanda! We were asked to bring back the Trad Session musicians and they were brilliant! I could have sat listening to them until 4am. The good news is they said they will return anytime we want them!!!

A huge “thank you” to everyone involved last night. It was so lovely to see all the faces with huge smiles enjoying themselves and hear the familiar sound of laughter when friends and neighbours meet. It seems we need to create a permanent lost property section. This time we have one jacket , one car and a blond colour toupee (Seriously peopleā€¦ whatever about forgetting a jacket but how can anyone loose false teeth & toupees on a night out???)

Submitted by Hazel Revington
Purple Raven Art Gallery