Community Grants 2017

Westmeath County Council provides a range of Grants to community groups to assist with actions and projects being undertaken in their local area. These grants are intended to sustain community activity and active citizenship.

Community Grant Scheme 2017

The purpose of the scheme is to encourage and support local community and voluntary groups to continue to develop and implement community initiatives that have a positive impact on their area and on the County This Community Grant Scheme involves three general categories of Grant as follows:

  • Tidy Towns Grant
  • Residents Association Grant
  • Community Action Grant

Community Grant Scheme 2017 Application Form

Community Facilities Scheme

The Scheme will fund projects that seek to enhance communities, address disadvantage and improve social cohesion at a local level. It will seek to address some of the difficulties local community groups face in terms of accessing very often small scale levels of funding to match their own fundraising efforts, in order to get community projects off the ground. the funding available under the Scheme is for capital projects or elements of projects.

Community Facilites Scheme 2017 Application Form