Community Alert Update

Delvin Community AlertDelvin Community Alert held a well supported open meeting on Thursday 20th March. The key points were as follows:

  • Gardai are investigating a suspicious fire at a property in Castle View Court. A neighbour was alerted to the fire when he heard the smoke alarm ringing inside the recently vacated property at around 11pm on Sunday 16th. If anyone saw anything unusual in that area on that night, please contact Delvin Garda on 044 966 4193 as a matter of urgency.
  • Gardai have reported that there have been no local burglaries so far this year. Please continue to be vigilant and do not hesitate to call 086 858 3049 if you have any concerns about suspicious behaviour.
  • Illegal dumping at Rosmead (“Smiling Bess”) was discussed. This is an issue that does affect quiet country areas but vigilance and communication can help tackle the problem. If you have any information or become aware of an issue, please call the Westmeath County Council Litter Hotline on 1890 320 005.
  • There is a need for additional Text Alert signage. The committee is looking at ways of raising funds for additional signs to be installed on rural lanes and at the entrance to housing developments. These signs are a deterrent and they also alert residents to the presence of the scheme.

The Annual General Meeting of Delvin Community Alert will take place in April – date and time to follow.