Community Alert Meeting Summary – May 2013

Burglaries In Lacora Glen - Information to 044 966 4193Summary notes on meeting which took place on Wednesday 1st May.

Local Burglaries

Garda are investigating a spate of burglaries which took place on Wednesday 1st May between 3am and 5am in Lacora Glen. If you have ANY information which could help identify those responsible, PLEASE call Delvin Garda (in confidence) on 044 966 4193.

Report Suspicious Activity

In light of the burglaries, people are being reminded to keep their wits about them and to report any suspicious people or vehicles that are seen patrolling the area. Thieves are known to have accomplices who will survey houses, watch activity and pass on information to them. Do not be afraid to report your suspicions to Garda on 044 966 4193 or 086 858 3049 as they can easily and discreetly check whether there is anything that requires their attention.

Use Your Sense At Home

  • Keep doors and windows locked
  • If you have an alarm, use it – and set the downstairs sensors at night
  • Burglars are mainly looking for cash, jewellery and other small items that they can dispose of quickly. You can make things harder for them by not leaving such items laying around. Remember too that they know where to look!
  • Keep car keys hidden away. Don’t leave them in the hall over night near the front door – keep them with you
  • If you are going away, don’t advertise the fact on Facebook!
  • Consider using timers to control lamps in the rooms that you normally use when at home. There’s no point in leaving the hall light on as you are hardly likely to sleep in the hall!
  • If you do have a suspicion that a burglary may be in progress, call 999. Stay calm and give the operator as much information as you can. They will be relaying information to the patrol and you could help lead them to the culprits
  • Try and get number plates of suspicious vehicles. These really can help!

New Signage

“Garda Text Alert Area” signs will shortly be installed at strategic places throughout the village.


Well done to Mary Dowdall and family for their display at this year’s St Patrick’s Parade – a performance which won an award for “Most Topical Float”.