Christmas Guide Coming Soon

Work has begun on preparing this year’s Delvin Christmas Guide.

The guide structure will be published on the website within the coming week and items will be added as and when received. As in previous years, my intention is to include as much information about local events and shopping opportunities as possible.

Ideally, I would like to get the Christmas Shopping element finalised by mid-November at the latest. I therefore invite local shop owners to share some details of their planned Christmas stock – preferably with some indication of prices etc. People have been known to travel from places like Dundalk to buy items that they have seen in previous guides, so this does work! Details of Christmas Clubs and opening times are also invited.If you have special events or entertainment planned, please send on the details as soon as they are confirmed.

Please send your offers and information to

Please note that I can only include information about businesses that are up to date with their annual sponsorship fee (to include the Christmas period).