Children in Shops

I have been contacted by a retail worker who has asked me to raise a delicate but valid concern.

Please try to limit the number of times you go to the shops and (where possible) have just one family member go in at any one time. Specifically, please do not bring your children into to the shops with you if at all possible. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but social distancing applies to all ages and adults are better able to understand and observe social distancing and other necessary practices than children are.

There is conflicting medical opinion on the role that children actually play in transmitting the virus, but the uncertainty was enough for schools to be closed and experts to ask that parents limit the number of social contacts they have for the time being. So please err on the side of caution for the sake of retail workers and older and more vulnerable customers / relatives.

This is a cruel virus and precautions are harsh on all ages, but this won’t last forever and the sooner we beat it, the sooner we can ALL get on with our lives.