Changes Are Coming

Over the last 12 years, many changes have been made to this website but the advertising (sponsorship) proposition has remained the same.

I think people have forgotten that I am a volunteer and that the bulk of the payments received cover website costs which include hosting, software licenses, and other expenses. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, €50 a year doesn’t buy a lot of MY time, yet for a long while, monthly newsletters were produced, posts were added on Facebook at all hours of the day and night for small ads and missing pets, and sponsorship profiles were updated on demand.

When Covid hit, I wrote off renewal fees for the businesses that were forced to close and this has of course left me out of pocket. Yet some people STILL resent paying €50 A YEAR to advertise on here or will count the number of times their profile was shared on Facebook!

Despite the pandemic, I have been VERY busy over the last twelve months and this has forced me to review the amount of time that I can realistically offer to manage this website and all that goes with it. The site isn’t going anywhere, but the way it is managed and the amount I am willing to give IS going to change.

From now on, sponsors will create their own profiles and they will be “live” on payment of the fee and once I have approved them. They will also be responsible for editing their profiles once published – again, edits will be live when I have approved them. I have already tested this on a few current sponsors and they LOVE it. It is simple, straight forward and it gives them the power to update their profiles and their photos whenever they want.

Users will also create and manage their own small ads from now on. These are free but the process is now automated and your ad will be live on approval. If you want an advert taken down before the ten days are up, you will simply log in and delete it. Terms still apply for use of this service.