Brian Kennedy Is Coming To Delvin!

The Delvin Parade Committee proudly presents an evening with singer-songwriter Brian Kennedy on Thursday 21st November.

This special concert is expected to be very popular, so book your tickets now! Tickets at €20 each are available now from Michael Leonard.

You know BRIAN KENNEDY is the ultimate live performer the second he bursts onto stage, grabs his guitar and belts out his first note with total commitment! You feel the energy, and gut reaction tells you this is going to be one whirlwind, rollercoaster of a night as you quietly look to the gods, uttering a silent prayer of thanks. For he’s a ray of hope in a world where musicians are moulded, marketed and catapulted to stardom one moment, thrown to oblivion the next; where digital downloading looks set to replace the live performance and the genuine music lover is left wondering where the future legends will come from.

He’s the artist who seemingly has it all, blessed with a multitude of talents: singer/songwriter/guitarist, born communicator, seen and heard on countless TV and radio shows from both sides of the mike; Ireland’s ambassador on more than one global music stage; recognised author of a couple of best-selling novels and numerous short stories. How lucky can one man be?

But behind the facade, there’s a different story. It’s been a long, tough haul from the Falls Road, Belfast, his birthplace in 1966, with early years spent at the height of the troubles and the screech of sirens, rather than music, ringing in his ears. Nevertheless, with an uncanny inner strength, he turned horror to advantage by harmonising with the sirens, unaware he was nurturing a natural god-given vocal talent that would later earn him the title, ‘a voice to charm the angels.’