Update From The Purple Raven Gallery

Statement from Hazel Revington

I hope everyone is well. It feels so strange that the gallery is still closed and not to have seen most of you for such a long time now.

I was hoping to open on July 4th with a drumming circle on the Saturday but unfortunately it isn’t going to happen yet. The gallery relies on the Saturday events being able to take place in order for it to open.

Despite rearranging the gallery to try and make more space I still cannot meet the legal requirements of two metre social distancing. The government announcement the other day specifies that I cannot open unless I can meet this requirement. I went out with my measuring tape this morning and I fail due to the width of the area we sit in. If the government reduces the distance to one metre social distancing, I will be able to look at holding drumming circles and meditations again on Saturday mornings.

The art classes are going to be much more difficult until there is an announcement that all restrictions are lifted and hopefully that isn’t too far away. In my head it seemed much more simple until I stood with a tape measure and started to map out the seating and saw the reality.

I know there are those who are really missing each other who really only get to meet when the coffee pot is full in the gallery and I apologise that it’s going to take longer.

In the meantime, if anyone needs anything please get in touch and I will do my very best to help you.