Possible Second Lock-down – An Update For Website Sponsors

It looks as if we are heading for a second national lock down. If we do enter level 5 as NPHET has recommended, all but essential shops and services will be forced to close.

I will endeavor to maintain a list of local businesses that ARE trading.

I would ask sponsors to contact me at content@delvinvillage.com to advise me of their arrangements so that I can share them accordingly.

Sponsorship / Advertising Fee

This will still apply but it will be deferred for the total length of time that a business is closed. Businesses that are deemed as essential and which remain open, will be charged as normal on the anniversary of their profile creation date. All other profiles will be suspended (removed from the directories) during a second (or subsequent) lock-down and will be reactivated when they reopen.

The website has continued to operate throughout and so has my work as the sole volunteer who runs it and who continues to maintain the social media channels. It is only fair that businesses who are trading should be asked for their annual contribution towards costs when this becomes due. You should note that hosting and the other expenses that I have to pay out are NOT being suspended.

As you can understand – just like you – my patience is very limited right now. I have acted with goodwill throughout, but this is not infinite. I will not promote a trading business unless they support this project by paying the nominal fee I ask in return. Please do not ask for free advertising or for a deferral of your €50 renewal fee if you are open for business and continuing to trade.

If there are businesses who want to sign up now, they may do so here.

Stay safe everyone – this WILL come to an end at some point.