Delvin’s Tidy Town Bid Gathers Pace!

This is an archived item. Photos and other images have now been removed.

So the weather may have taken a nose dive and the heating has been switched on again, but take a walk through Delvin right now and you cannot miss the work that has already been carried out as the village prepares for Tidy Towns “Judgement Day”.

Flower baskets have been hung from newly painted poles, derelict buildings are in the process of being cleaned up (a special thank you to the owners for their assistance on this), businesses have stepped up to the challenge and are doing their bit too and other local works are either under way or are planned for the coming weeks.

Nobody knows when the judges will come, so please do everything you can to support the campaign and to keep the village looking tidy.

For more information about Delvin Tidy Towns, please click here.