Summer Event at The Purple Raven Gallery

Hazel Revington-Cross will host her first summer event since you know what, from 7-10 pm on Saturday 13th August.

In December 2021, to mark the winter solstice, a candle was lit in the gallery with the intention to spread unity, peace, and love, and to keep a flame lit for the next three years. Fifteen countries have now joined this global ritual and photos will be on display in the gallery on the night.

It is only fitting that the theme for the evening will also be Unity, Peace, and Love. The event will include an exhibition of new pieces made from recycled toy soldiers, some pop art – very in keeping with the (deliberately) graffitied exterior – plus a live music session by the Many Mores, a reading by Mary McEvoy and much, much more.

All welcome.

Jonathan Von Baumann, Debra Leigh Scott, Hazel Revington-Cross, Aleksandra Nowosielska, Stuart O’Sullivan, and Jeannette Campbell