Pine Tree Chocolate Creations

Pine Tree Chocolate Creations
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Cake and confectionery artist in Delvin, Westmeath


Oksana Clayton handcrafts cakes for special occasions and seasonal confectionery for Valentine’s Day, Easter & Christmas.

Her bespoke creations are classic in design and decorated using the highest quality Belgian chocolate. Oksana does not use sugar paste (fondant) for cake decor, but her chocolate artwork makes her cakes just as fabulous as the photos will demonstrate!

Bespoke cakes are available from €60, and novelty confectionery items range from €10-€25 euro each depending on size.

As a new business, Oksana has plenty of ideas for future designs and she also intends to offer larger pieces for weddings in the future. Please contact her for full details.

Arts & Crafts
Specialist Cake / Confectionery

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