Denis Finn - Building & Property Consultant

Denis Finn - Building & Property Consultant
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Builder | Building Consultant
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Denis Finn is a building & property consultant/project manager with many years of experience encompassing developments across all sectors.


We provide a detailed budget based on the floor area you require. Once the budget and design are agreed the project can proceed through all stages from planning through construction and completion in an agreed timeline. Clients are updated on costs on a monthly basis and more often if required. We operate an open bookkeeping policy that allows clients access to all project build costs.

The photos below represent a sample of the many restorations and new projects we have completed in the past 30 years. They include one-off high spec houses, apartment developments, and mixed-use developments. In this period we completed in excess of 200 projects of varying types.

Property Investment
Whether building a home or buying into property as an additional investment, the Irish market will provide solid growth. Identifying the opportunities with the best return at a level that suits our client’s budget is what we do. We expect to deliver a minimum 10% pa return to investors. Margins greater than 10% will be considered dependent on the success of the chosen opportunity.

For a free consultation, give us a call on 086 603 7266 or email


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Camelot Castletown

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