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Be it a barbecue, buffet, or dinner, David Smyth Catering can provide everything needed to make your occasion a success.


With more than twenty year’s experience in the business, David Smyth Catering has served delicious hot and cold food at functions all over the Irish midlands.

Whether dining at home in your garden, celebrating with colleagues in an office, or hosting a function in a community hall or an elaborate setting, Make your forthcoming gathering a more personal and special occasion by calling in the caterers.

David Smyth Catering can provide everything needed to look after anything from four to four hundred hungry guests, with delicious hot and cold finger food platters, a complete barbecue service, and even full, sit-down dinner options available.

All crockery, cutlery, glass, and tableware are provided – and there’s no washing up to worry about afterward either!

Getting Married?
If you are planning your wedding, talk to David about his unique wedding venue – a rustic barn with a private chapel in Tyrrellspass!


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