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David Smyth Catering has more than twenty year’s experience in catering and hospitality.


Based in County Westmeath, we can provide everything you need for your forthcoming family gathering, working lunch, community fundraiser, or elaborate corporate occasion.

We offer a complete catering service with delicious canapés and finger food platters, professionally prepared alfresco barbecue spreads, enticing hot and cold buffets, and formal sit-down dining experiences.

We cater at events all over the Irish Midlands and to date we have served in private homes, pub function rooms, church halls, shops, warehouses, car parks, and marquees. You name the occasion, the date and the number of guests and we will look after the food and the service.

The Village Barn
If you are planning your wedding and looking for a unique venue, talk to David about the Village Barn in Tyrrellspass.


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N91 A218

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