Purple Raven Art – Reopening W/C May 17

From Hazel Revington

I hope you are all well.  As many of you are aware, from May 17th non-essential retail is allowed the process of opening up again. We cannot return to gatherings or workshops, but it is a beginning. It will work on an appointment basis as before, where a slot can be booked and it ensures that you will have the gallery to yourself and that everyone feels safe.

During the final week leading up to that date, I have decided to paint the floor of the gallery purple…as you do when you have a few days left to go! Nothing like a bit of pressure to take on a monumental job and get the work done. My husband asked a very important question. What about Stuart’s vortex? The reply: Stuart’s vortex will remain in place!

Really looking forward to catching up and hearing the laughter within the four walls.

See you all soon,

Hazel – Purple Raven Art