Offers at Gaffney’s Off-License

Gaffney’s Bar & Lounge (Main Street, Delvin) has the following offers* on cans and bottles at their off-license.

Budweiser8 cans€16
Carlsberg8 cans€16
Heineken8 cans€16
Coors Light8 cans€16
Bulmers8 cans€16
Carling4 cans€8
Guinness8 cans€16
Smithwicks8 cans€16
Harp6 cans€9
Loose Cans€2.50 each
BottlesOn request
WineOn request
NagginsOn request

*Prices correct at 12/06/22. Please refer to Gaffneys for current pricing.

Body&Soul 2022

Remember, if you are taking alcohol to Body&Soul, glass is NOT permitted on-site and the following conditions and allowances apply:

Each individual is permitted to bring the below amount of alcohol for personal use, provided it isn’t in glass containers. Decant your spirits and wine into reusable bottles before you arrive! 

Please do not bring any single-use plastic bottles to the festival and drink responsibly.

Alcohol can be brought onto the site at the time of first entry only. There is no re-entry with alcohol once wristbanded.


  • 24 X 500 ml cans of beer, cider, or ready mix drinks


  • 1 X 750ml bottle of spirits


  • 1.5 litre wine box

NOTE: No alcohol is permitted on Sunday day passes.

This applies to all ticket holders, performers, and event staff.

You will be checked at the point of wrist-banding.

Absolutely no re-entry with alcohol once wrist-banded.

Sunday ticket holders are not permitted to bring any alcohol – it will be confiscated at the point of wrist-banding.