Midlands Taekwon-Do: CarrieLee Gets her Black Belt

Carrielee Mahon of Midlands Taekwon-Do set out on Sunday 17th June to sit her Black belt grading in Rathcoole in Co. Dublin. The grading started with fundamental movements hand and then foot techniques. The Grading then went on to patterns which is Carrielee forte as she has been national champion at patterns for the last four years her class showed in the patterns section.

The grading then continued with step sparring the partner Carrielee chose for the grading was Midlands Taekwon-Do assistant Instructor Mr Bryan Mahon this section went very well then the grading went on to sparring and Carrielee was very good and controlled her bout.

The grading concluded with special technique and Destruction Carrielee hit the target with the over head kick and broke the board with a fore fist front punch. The grading panel then retired to consider the grading when the panel came back and Master Kenneth Wheatley announced that Carrielee Mahon Promoted to first degree black belt .Carrielee is now assistant instructor at Midlands Taekwon-Do.