Message From Castle Barbers

We are all fed up and we all feeling under pressure. Please show some respect to each other and to our local businesses who are CLOSED by referring to trusted updates regarding their status.

Hello everyone!

I am very disappointed with the Delvin (and around) community for shamelessly disrespecting my boundaries and spreading false information about me doing house calls (doing haircuts at home). I have been bombarded with phone calls, voicemails, and messages for weeks now, people saying they heard / been told I cut hair at home. It is becoming exhausting and irritating. I don’t appreciate the childish behaviour some grown adults are displaying towards me and my business.

I would like to let everyone know that I am in fact NOT working, nor am I available.

I would prefer to follow the rules that are in place because I want to keep myself and my family safe first. Many do not take into consideration the consequences of traveling and spreading the virus.

I have relatives that died from COVID and I’m not taking any chances.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Mary, Castle Barber Shop